86 V12 Alternator upgrade alternatives


I am looking in upgrade my failing alternator, but being in France where the GM alternators are not common I have to look to other alternatives, like the one from Land Rover or the 115A from the later V12 Jaguar or from the XJ40 as mentioned by Kirby and others.
As I have installed an Audio system I would like to have some extra Amps.

Here are the alternative options and prices for comparison:



Brand: Bosch
upgraded to 90A
150 Euros shipped

Brand: DCP
90 Euros shipped

Later V12 Jaguar


Need to change the pulley.

Brand: Woospa
200 Euros shipped

Brand: Bosch
80 Euros shipped

Jaguar XJ40


Need to modify mounting bracket and new pulley

Brand: Bosch
150 - 200 Euros shipped

Brand: Unknown
150 Euros shipped

Land Rover 90/110 & Range Rover Classic V8 3.9 & 4.2


Brand: SMP
150 Euros shipped
A very appealing option as it comes with a V pulley and seems to be a direct fit.


No pulley
130 Euros shipped

Which option would you gentlemen choose ?
And what would you trust more, an Aftermarket or a Rebuilt unit ?

Of course there is also the option of rebuilding the old alternator my self, rebuilt kits are available and quite inexpensive.

Looking forward to hearing your opinions.


Note that the Bosch that fits the Jaguar V12 cannot easily replace the Lucas that fits the Jaguar V12. The mounts are different, and the Bosch uses a ribbed belt so you’d have to change either the alt pulley or the crank damper.

I’d be tempted to go with the Land Rover 90/110 for the direct fit.

I used the Land Rover unit from my 1994 Range Rover into my 1986 V12. I had pulled it thinking it was in trouble and rebuilt it. About that time I wanted more amps under the Jag hood, so bought an aftermarket alt. for the RR and sold the RR. It’s a great fit with lots more amps. I also wanted to upgrade my audio system, and have more current for my electric fan conversion. Then I bought an AGM battery for the Jag. ExtremePower. Amazing starting power and capacity. Somewhere around 2000 amps (not sure how that’s rated). about $250. Between the alternator and the battery, it’s all I’ll probably ever need.



Thank you for replies gentlemen.

I ordered the Land Rover 90/110 aftermarket alternator.
Will keep you posted on the results.

All the best,

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New Alternator arrived and installed.

Internal fans.

Original fitment:
Land Rover 90/110 Dhmc 3.5 V8 12V 120A Single V Rib 83-90 Suv

Reference OE/OEM Number:
LRB00367, LRB367, 714/32200, 714/40154, 185046522, 20130212, 63320312, AL2912, AEA2291, 214120852, LRB00291, 20130195, VAP319ALT, ALT319

Also fitted on Perkins 1000-6 HR1, 2, & 5 and 1140D-E44TA engines

It comes with a single V pulley, it’s indeed a direct fit and the pulley is the same diameter as the Lucas alt.
Only modification needed was a couple of spacers at the tension adjustment mechanism.

Alt seems to work fine, and Voltmeter shows 13.5V at idle.



Very nice!
Right now I am modifying a few little bits to have 2 alternators. One will run off previous smog pump pulley and will serve as an auxiliary alt. I will be able to hit a toggle to engage auxpower in the event of generator #1 failure.
Totally unjustifiable, but I have always wanted to do it so I am. Plus since I travel w it a good ways from home I have a backup until I can make it back to Garage.

Many times, the only reason I ever had!!!

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Hi Aristides,

I would like to change my alternator for the same than yours for my 1985 XJ12.
Would you be so kind telling me where did you buy it from? So I don’t go wrong?
Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,


Hi Greg,

It was ebay from the UK.
And by the way, it’s still working fine.

Many Many thanks Aristides for your appreciated feed back.
I will follow your instructions.

May I ask you if you updated your batterie too?

Best Regards,


Makes the whole worlds turn… unintended pun…


You are most welcome Greg.
Battery is stock but new.
Only other upgrade was to add a extra ground between engine and chassis.

Thanks Aristides, just ordered one from UK, very cheap.
Cheers, Brian.

Hello, I’m trying to find the same Land Rover alternator option for my 1987 Jaguar V12. I can’t seem to find the 120A option on ebay USA or UK using part numbers 13697, YLE101000, ALT319 etc. I’m in in the US. I seem to find several 100A ones like the one I’ve linked below. Although a 100A would probably meet my needs I’d prefer to find the higher output one if available. Do you recall the ebay seller or other identifying info that may help me?
Thanks in advance.

That’s the one I got, don’t remember though if it’s the same seller.
I got it from the UK.

A search wit the part numbers LRB00367, AEA2291, LRB00291 brought me quite a few results.

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Hi Aristides, I have ordered the same alternator for my V12.

Did you have to change the connectors? I have two brown live cables from my starter each with a large spade connector and a brown/black smaller wire for the dash warning.

Did you have to run another brown from the terminal post on the bulkhead?

Thanks, Malc.

Either will do. That post on the solenoid is battery +. Just like the post on the fire wall. First i heard of Jaguar doing it that way. GM does it that way…

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Hi, I am also looking for an uprated alternator for my 1985 XJS V12 HE.
I saw that the alternator you bought is with a V groove pulley.
I thought that the XJS has a 4 grooves pulley? Please correct me if I am wrong as I am still waiting for my car to arrive to my country.
Thank you.

Your 85 V12 HE has conventional V Belts to drive all engine ancillaries.


Thank you very much Andy!
Have purchased the similar alternator Aristides suggested!