'87 sedan - San Francisco - $6,500

This one is in your town!

True!!! Must resist on oh so many grounds!!!


Is this the 87 VDP that was converter to an LT1 by Bill Buckalew back in 2013?
For some reason it looked familiar so I went back and checked the old J-L photo site. Hard to believe there’s more than one 87 in that color with an LT1 conversion in the same town of Walnut Creek CA.
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well that engine came out of a buick roadmaster or a Impala SS of the 90’s variety. It’s an LT1 with cast iron heads. bullet proof engine. I have one in my '96 impala with 205,000 miles. Still fires right up runs smooth doesn’t use any oil. No complaints.

The same engine came in the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.
I really do not know how many miles are on it. but, it sure does run nice. Not much driving these daysl fired it upo yesterday It’s een a few since the last time. A few more turns than usual but fired and idled sweetly.

Great choice. They were designed and tuned for heavy cars.
Jaguars are no light weights.

And we’re used in Caprice police high pursuit vehicles.

Yes. Most mid 1990’s LT1’s went into Caprice based fleet vehicles. Back in 2000 when I was shopping for an LT1/4L60E donor I frequented the City of Phoenix surplus actions. Most of the Caprice 9C1’s were beat to hell but went to high bidders from the American and European taxi co buyers. These LT1 Caprices were good for hundreds of thousands of miles and preceded the last of the large V8 rear wheel drive police cars from Ford. Times have changed. Big RWD police V8’s are gone and the taxi industry is on its ass thanks to Uber and Lift. I was happy to source my LT1 from a 96 Impala with only 52k on the clock. I am running it on the stock harness but with a 9C1 police PCM. My primary motivation for the PCM swap was simplify to Tach adaptation.