'87 sedan - WA. - $4,500


I’m sorry but those early stock XK8 wheels don’t work for me on the S3 XJ. Actually they didn’t work for me on the XK8’s either. And what is that giant guage mounted off the dash?

“Previous owner said it has an RV cam but no noticeable lope.”

Um, but… well… ah, never mind


Agreed, that raises an eyebrow, an “rv” would not have a noticeable lope

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Not really. An AR cam is actually conservative as to duration, but up as to lift. Goal. More torque…

The “tub” on the dash is probably a big Tachometer. Teh jag tach is probably inoperative or not in sync.

Instead of spending $$ to get the stock tach recalibrate, he spent the $$ on the abomination on the steering column

YUP !!! But, more racer boy !!!


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