87 xjs odometer wont work but speedo does

My speedometer works but odometer does not what should I look for.thanks in advance

If your speedometer works but your odometer does not then you have an internal instrument failure. You will have to remove it and get it repaired or purchase a used one (possibly on eBay) and use that.


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I had same problem, got mine working.

Remove cluster, remove speedo.

You’ll see a cylinder shaped thing (motor?) with blue plastic worm screw on the end, which turns the odometer gears. There is a clip that holds it down, remove that and you can lift cylinder out.

I dripped some silicone spray down it’s shaft, and turned the little blue gear by hand back and forth a TON.

While cylinder thing was removed, I also spun odometer gear for trip odometer, which will move forward main odometer, a good 50 miles to make sure it rotated smooth.

Put it all back together, and odometer started working again.

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Hi George,
I am not sure if Your issue got resolved but I will chime in with my solution. I had exactly the same symptoms and as it turns out it was a cable that got disconnected under the car. Someone else with more technical knowledge would have to help as to where that thing is located. Mine was repaired/solved ~10years ago.

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I ‘think’ the 87 doesn’t have the cable. It is electric, same as my 88.

Yeah, but he could mean an electrical cable was disconnected.

Jagrider, is it ANALOGUE or Digital.
Sometime with the analogue the reset knob is pinched locking up the little gear.
Digital is a different kettle of fish!