'88 XJ-S V12 Hess & Eisenhardt Needs a Good Home

My XJ-S convertible is in need of a good home where a Jag enthusiast can give it the attention it deserves and get it back into top condition. I have small kids and am not very mechanical, so it has ended up sitting in my driveway and it’s time for me to let go. It is a limited edition Hess & Eisenhardt, which I understand are rare today. I would love to sell this car to someone looking for a project, because in its prime it was something special. The car ran up until recently, and I think it’s just because it hasn’t been driven in a while. It was also side-swiped will parked a few years ago, so there is some denting on the driver’s side, but I had the car covered so there isn’t any paint damage.

I think that with a little help from an enthusiast, it could get back into fighting shape and be a real head-turner. I’ve never sold or purchased a classic car before, so I would love to discuss the process or possibility with anyone interested!

Price: Best offer

Bellevue, WA (10 miles outside Seattle):

Contact information: smithjamestyler@gmail.com

Cost of shipping (if selling): Please advise if you’re knowledgeable in this area

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Hess & Eisenhardt is a name well known for armoring vehicles. They are in Fairfield Ohio. Is that the same company that badge this XJS ?

I believe so, yes. In '88 and '89 Jag wanted to experiment with a soft-top of their XJS coupe, but didn’t want to change production at their factory in case it failed to sell. They commissioned the help of H&E in Ohio to customize a handful of coupes so they could be sold as convertibles. As a result, those custom H&E models received the badge, and after a very successful sales run, Jag started producing them at their factories (I believe in '89). Unfortunately the records of this limited run production burned up in a fire, but some estimates are that fewer than 5000 were made, and that as few as 800 might be left driving around.