89 new Door Cards

Anyone know where to get new door cards for 89 convertible? Just the backing card.

I have seen them on ebay

Thanks. I saw them. just seeing if there were any closer then Slovakia…

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If in the US give David a go.

I didn’t see door cards, but do a parts inquiry he may have one.
On my XJ6 Series II; I made the door card out of pressboard using the old one as a pattern. removed the old vinyl and sticking on the new door card. It wasn’t hard and did it in an afternoon.

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Thanks. Will look into it.

Just made some aluminum ones but may not be what your looking for

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Nice but looking for stock…Thanks

Years ago, I decided to upgrade the cheapy cards in my 79 IHC Scout II. Cheesy, even when new…

I latched on to a roll of high grade Naugha at a garage sale for really good price. Just the right tan to match the other stuff . The local upholstery shop made new cards, using the cheapos as patterns. Fit the Hyde ad a double row f stitching to enhance… Durn near perfect. The trimmer regretted the cut outs for the speakers, but recognized the need . A deal at a couple of hundred…

Aye, way back one of our customers drove an early thrty or so big Nash four door. He fashioned tin door cards in lieu of the somewhat ratty upholstery. Painted black not all that bad…


Do you still have you’re XJ-S duelly? Rumor has it, or maybe I drept it but I though it was up for sale. Am I mistaken. Oh, and I also saw you on Leno’s Garage - you lucky dog; or should I say cat?

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Yes I still have the xjs dually. I have never listed it for sale. I have had couple people make some generous offers but I know I would regret it. It’s someplace buried towards the front.


I’m severely out classed here. My “parking garage” looks more like heavens waiting room for Jags. :neutral_face: