89 xj 40 throttle plate setting

Anyone know of something I might have in my garage or where I can get a gauge to set the gap?

.002” is the gap you need, two cigarette papers folded over will give you that, they are .0005” thick. Although a non smoker I always had a pack in my tools as they were just right to pack a piece on the surface grinder to square an item up.

…and …BONUS! …you can use them to have a celebratory toke in the back seat after. you get the throttle set up.

So I dump out the tobacco, fold it in half lengthwise, and that should be .002?

Yes, that would do it - commercial cigarette papers are probably the thickness Robin states, but keep in mind there are big differences in cigarette paper thicknesses. Comparing Zig-Zag white to Export A - huge difference.

Yes, I rolled my own for many years (ex smoker now)

Anyway, why not pick up a set of feeler gauges and do it right? Feeler gauges are probably the same price as a pack of smokes, right?

I have 3 sets of feeler gauges no .002! But the feeler gauges are also flat, hard to set against a round opening.

I’ve just checked my sets of feeler gauges and mine too do not have a two thou feeler - just 1.5 and 3.0 thou, very strange!
However they will bend easily to fit a round throttle body hole so I’m sure a 2 thou would too :grin:

Found one on amazon, should be here tomorrow. In the mean time.

Great, cleaned everything set plte at .002, reassembled and now idles at 2000 rpm, even with the air screw off! I think I will try resetting the butterfly with the engine running to bring it down on the idle.

You’ve got a vacuum leak mate!!

Possibly I will try spraying some starting spray in the area see if rpms change, I did have to open the throttle plate quite a bit so maybe I goofed. Also did not clunt the turns when I remed the air screw so when I put it back in I downseated fully and then opened 1/2 turn, no idea where it should be.