89 Xj6 Vanden Plas came with square headlights?

I’m really just trying to get the stereo out of this thing so any insight would be helpful. But I can’t seem to find anything about 89 Xj6s specifically, and when I found something about the closest one it was a 99 and getting the interior apart appeared different. Gonna try and pop it off but feel free to reply!

Hi K R, real name??
Welcome to the forums. I have moved your post to the correct forum, although you have a ‘XJ it is totally different car to the S1/11/111 cars.
If you use the spy glass situated top right and input the following;
XJ40 radio removal
There are a few posts about how to do it.

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I have an 89 non VDP the radio has a spring clips on sides access is by removing the veneer “ski slope” then just unscrew the perimeter screws around the plastic main console and just nudge it out a bit… you should not have to take it all the way out then feel around the sides on radio pressing IN and the radio should slide out then just disconnect antenna and audio power plug