89 xj6VP , front fog wires?

Installed LED style drive lights under bumper, car did not come with front fogs installed. ( window sticker) can any one tell me if cars had pre wired looms? And if so color and location of wires on the front to work with Fog switch of the dash . Has bright rear lamps , anyone help , USA car, built in England . Left steer .

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On my US spec 1990 XJ6 there were factory round yellow plugs for the fog lamps. If no fog lamps are fitted there is a resister that is in the plug to fool the bulb failure modules. If you are fitting LED type lamps you may have issues with the BFMs

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Same on my US spec 1988 car too. Just need to buy a cover for the foglight switch - still available from a guy on ebay. no fuse needs to be added neither - ready to go

Car is pre wired for fogs as others have indicated all you have to do is on instrument panel to left of steering wheel remove the blanking cap from center of what will be 3 switches and replace cap (just snaps out) with FOG cap had slightly different light symbol on cap