8jx16 lattice wheels on XJC. Spacer. (and a story)

Or, since you can’t see both sides at once, Eric - both on one side. Which is of course contrary to good 'same on one axle…:slight_smile:

As a thought; unless the rims were welded together from vendor - any odds they be split up at one stage. And sent with single identification; one or two rims arrives - duly recorded in computer as ‘arrived and dispatched’. And the rest disappears from computer records. Consolation; they still physically exist ‘somewhere’ as a nuisance - and someone might do ‘something’ about it…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

The shipping system is designed to fail. Here is what I learned.

TNT, the UK courrier that picked up the boxes, uses a 9 digits tracking number for the shipment and adds 01, 02 etc for each box. So far so good. When leaving the UK, the shipment gets into the custody of FedEx.

FedEx uses a 12 digit tracking number for each package. The 11 digits TNT number do not work in the automated FedEx tracking system, FedEx needs a 12 digits number, period.

Only FedEx staff seem able to track TNT after being gently convinced to do some research. All FedEx folks I talk to come up with same answers:

  • I need a 12 digits tracking number. Oh wait, found it.
  • Shipment was delivered. Oh wait only 2 packages.
  • Remaining boxes are in Memphis with US customs, patience. Oh wait it’s been 2 months.
  • I’ll open an advanced tracking case. Oh wait it is already open.
  • I am sorry for the delay, must be frustrating. Oh wait…
  • Someone will call you … tomorrow.
  • Please take our survey at the end of this call…

FedEx recently bought TNT for $4.4 BN and their tracking systems are not compatible! Let that sink in for a second…

But here is the kicker: US customs. So, according to FedEx, the remaining 2 boxes are still with them, in Memphis. CBP say they can neither confirm or deny since… the 11 digits tracking numbers show nothing in the automated FedEx system that they use…

If a tracking number does not allow tracking, does it really exist??

Can something exist without a 12 digits tracking number?

O tempora, o mores…

And here is the FedEx label with a … 11 digits tracking number…

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from this starting point I see a wonderful novel called “Digit 12 - the missing link” selling in milllions and put on the silver screen starring Bruce Willis as some type of Master Yoda and Vin Diesel as a TNT operator finding the secret of a US president remote-controlled by a sinister ex-Russion secret service agent … nah … off to the pub:-)

All my best wishes! Now that you know where the boxes are it might be best to just go there with your ID and pick them up.

On more serious stuff: whil the rims now clear the rod ends It just looks strange that the rim bed isn’t horizontal. Is that rim fully seated on the hub and what happens if both wheels are under load?

All the best


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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The rim is fully seated.
Obviously the photo shows a funny perspective…

Re movies, I was thinking of Jonathan Pryce’s character in Brazil… :slight_smile:

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I vaguely recall that xjs hub diameters are a bit on the large side. So hubcentric GM spacers might need to be bored out a tad. Not a problem…and when the opening in spacers is larger than the hub, an annular ring can easily be turned to make them fit.

Alfas from this period have different sized hubs front and rear!!

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Physically; ‘yes’, Eric - between incompatible computers; ‘no’. Or rather, tracking numbers are meant to show ‘where’ - without it; the merchandise may be ‘anywhere’. I’m sure somewhere in the shipping documents there is your address - to be found by the tracking number, or maybe physically on your rims…:slight_smile:

Just (a)musing…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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When figuring out spacer thickness keep in mind that the rims themselves will flex under high cornering loads, as much as 3-ish millimeters.

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Yes indeed, I think you would need a bigger gap than that.

And so TNT informed me that their search failed to locate the boxes and it is now time to file an insurance claim… :frowning:

Are you going to file a claim for two wheels? Or four? Because presumably you can’t use the two you got without the other two!

Not sure the underwriters will buy the 4-2=0 approach, but I will certainly try.

My prediction. No, the loss is two not four!!


My prediction as well. Waaay back in the day my house got robbed and the crooks took one each of two pairs of stereo speakers. Neither was made any more, so I was SOL on buying one replacement speaker for each pair. And yes, the insurance company denied that claim.

One pair I hadn’t been happy with anyway, so I just threw that speaker in the trash. Wish I had done that before filing the claim! With the other pair, I went back to where I bought them and asked if they could help. Months later they called me back. They had a customer who so loved those speakers that he had purchased ten pairs, outfitting every room in his mansion. In the meantime he had blown up a couple of them, and rather than just replace the damaged drivers he just came in and bought some new speakers of some current model. So they wanted to know if I was interested in this guy’s blown speakers. Sure! Went right down and bought the pair, and promptly installed new drivers so they were as good as new. Now I had three of that type speaker – and still do today. The walnut cabinets are gorgeous, so two are used as speakers and one is used as an end table.

Have not rread up recntly. But.i think it is the scheduled jewelry portion of a HO policy that defines pairs and sets.

hanging in my garage is a speakler cabinet. durned if I know what happened to the other one?? not hooked up anymore anyway garage sound is via an old boom box.

My ears are not that sensitive to good slound vs lousy sound.


So while I hope to get some insurance money back, I bought another set of 4 wheels in the UK.

Wish me luck with shipping…

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DONE !!! Plus required 20…

And so it looks like I am screwed…

Late to the party and sorry to hear about the issues with the shipping. If you ticked the insurance box you should get compensated, i don’t get that.
Re the 8jx 16s I’ve been using these with a 1/4" spacer on the front wheels for years without issues, done a few track days as well, made no other mods. I just torque them more often then not.


TNT refunded me £120 or less than half of the shipping costs.
Nice little scam they are running there…
Looking for other options to ship the other 4 wheels…

Ken Thomas started that company in Australia in 1946 - Thomas Nationwide Transport - expect your level of service might not be what he had in mind.