8jx16 lattice wheels on XJC. Spacer. (and a story)

Thank you for sharing Mike. It is wonderful to hear from someone with actual real life experience of that exact wheel set up!!

And beautiful shot of a beautiful car!

What size tyres did you use? What would you recommend?

Thank you.

NP Eric, at the moment I have some flat spotted (don’t ask) nokians, but will be fitting Dunlop sport blue response 225/55/ZR16 98w. The Dunlop’s have great wet weather grip and are one of the quietest tyres at this size…

It’s sort of perverse that wheel rims are their l’prohibited items and no-protection’, Eric - you are double screwed…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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And it is fascinating that not only they did accept to take custody of these “prohibited” items, but also took my money for extra insurance coverage that they now decline to honor…

This is where the big corporations make cash, a day in a small claims court and the judge would find in your favour, but how many people can be bothered to do that…

  1. Transport claims are an enigma. In my former proefession, I got a few. i always hated them. So many unhappy folks, and for good reason.

  2. Teh picture did not include the cited list. curiousity abounds. what is so special about wheels ?

  3. My 83 wears the 15" version of the lattice wheels well.


The saga continues…
I have now paid $600 for packing and shipping of the second set of wheels.
This time, I went with UPS, who seems to not have “Car wheels” on their list of “prohibited items”…
Also UPS UK and UPS US use the same tracking system, so they should be able to find the packages.
Now I am on the phone for what seems like an eternity, trying to extract from them the day and time when they will pick up the boxes.
They keep telling me that the shipment will be delivered next week on Wednesday, which of course is balloney, particularly since noone seems to know when it will be picked up…
I am truly concerned for the future of humanity…

Wheels coming off, Eric…! :slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

UPS delivered within one week what FedEx half delivered in 15 weeks.

Bitter sweet, but at least I can now move on.

(And I now have two 8Jx16 Jaguar lattice wheels for sale…).


Can’t resist putting them on.
Exactly what I wanted (although they will be repainted and polished).


They sure do look good!!!

persistance pays.


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Congratulations! As Carl says: they sure do look awesome on the Coupé!

While a refurbishment maybe called for, please don’t polish them!:slight_smile:

Good luck

75 XJ6L auto (UK spec)

Ah man… I was thinking of painting the plate same color as car and mirror polish the rim and center hub… :slight_smile:

Go ahead, Eric - it’s your car, after all:-)

Indeed, the lattice wheel center in car color is quite common and looks gorgeous with any dark color, in particular black, dark green, gun metal etc. I wouldn’t do it in Fern Grey;-)

(just sample pics I found on the internet)

FWIW, I’d leave the rims in aluminium color - who wants bling, should buy chromed Turbo wheels. At the time the matte aluminium color was a sign of being ahead of the crowd. For some reason though the US crowd loved their aluminium wheels polished anyhow …

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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So now about the hub-centric spacers for the front wheels… Another mind-bending subproject.

They have to be 5x4.75", at least 6mm thick for a center hub that measures at 73.65mm with an angle to clear the rounded shape of the hub.

That’s gonna have to be custom (read: expensive)…

My lattice wheels came to me sans center caps/ I went shopping and rounded up 5.

Much later, I noticed that my car now had three with a black back ground and one green!!! Will i swap in the one I have left that is black? Nope. Not going to remove a wheel to do it. And, it is ut away safely. too safe.

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They are definitely one of Jaguar’s top 5 (2?) sexist wheels.

New episode: wheel spacers done.

I finally received the spacers, made by Motortech in Nevada. Lenny said he had done spacers for XJ6/12 before, he knew exactly what was needed.

6mm, no lip, with a rounded bevel on the hub side to match the shape of the hub.

It turns out that the stock hub has a wide shoulder on which the original wheel sit snugly. A 6mm spacer leaves plenty of shoulder surface for the wheel to sit on. Therefore, no need for hub centric spacers, but why not.

Stock lug nuts get 6.5 turns which I am told is sufficient.



i wou;d not use them n my car… The center of the wheel will n o loger ful;ly seat on the hub. Teh hub has a shoulder teh weel has an indentation that seats on that shoulder. not so with that spacer design.

Better ones exost that accompdate that.