8jx16 lattice wheels on XJC. Spacer. (and a story)

I am not sure I understand your concern. The wheel still sits where it usually sits, and cannot sit in other way spacer or not, just 6 mm further out, i.e. on 16mm of hub instead of 22 mm . Once pressed on the hub face, nothing can happen.
These have been in use on other similar Jags with similar wheels and no problems have been reported by their owners.
But if “better ones” do exist, I’d love to know what they are and where to get them… :slight_smile:

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Yes! I have done this with teardrop rims, and this type spacer works Very well!

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Previously on the “8jx16 lattice wheels saga”:
Shipped 4 wheels from the UK to California via FedEx in January. By April only 2 had arrived.

Well, well, surprise, wheel no.3 turned up unannounced in June. Box and label intact, shipping number and address fully readable. After having been told that it was lost.

Who knows, wheel no.4 might eventually make it home by Xmas…


On our local products (when we made them) these were called “hotwires”. Yeah Baby.

And identical to ones previously delivered, Eric? Sure were well packed and protected; it all shows the uncertainties when interrelated items are packed separately…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Yep, the exact wheel from the original set, in its own same box (a special car wheel box)…

And so, 8 months after the first set of wheels was shipped from the UK to California… drum roll… today, the 4th wheel finally appeared on my doorstep.

No warning or explanation from FedEx.

But I am happy to now have a extra set of 4… for sale.

Soon on eBay I suppose.

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Doesn’t the ‘Ex’ in FedEx stand for ‘Express’, Eric…? :slight_smile:


xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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