9 1/2” Diaphram Pressure Plate and Clutch Plate Wanted

I am looking for a used 9 1/2” diaphram PP and clutch plate. Condition not material.

I am mocking up to convert an XJ6 transmission to manual shift. I need to understand the measurements and clearances before shopping for a transmission.

Hopefully someone can help. Please message me on the forum or contact me at 606-706-0340.

Ray Forsyth
Liberty KY.

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We pulled my old clutch parts out of my 1970 series 2 a few years ago . If that would help you are welcome to it. I’m in Crossville, Tn.

Thanks for your response. Personal message sent.


Sadly the components above that were offered by XK-wee are not the diaphragm-type, so I am still looking.


I have the used worn or good parts and transmission parts and knowledge in MD

I have a used original set that came out of my 67 E type , need pics ?

Thanks for your replies. What I need is the 9 1/2” diaphram pressure plate and clutch plate. Hopefully what you have is something destined for your local recycling center and therefore not otherwise usable.

I really do not want to incur more than shipping costs since I will need to buy new parts if everything fits together as anticipated.

Some background - I am mating an Aisin AX-15 5-speed box with internal slave cylinder to the auto transmission bell housing of the Borg-Warner auto box of an XJ6. At this point all has gone together as planned but I need to ensure that the slave arrangement can be accommodated in the space available.

I chose the AX-15 for a few reasons: they are cheap - $100 and up, I paid $140; they are strong - said to be good for up to 300 pound foot of torque; parts for them are cheap and readily available; the early Aisin came with an internal slave cylinder so no adaptions necessary; the input shaft fits the 10 spline Jaguar clutch plate; using using the existing bell housing means not paying $500 - $1000 for a 4.2 synchro Jaguar item which is rare - or having to change starter motor for an earlier bell housing.

All in all I expect the project to cost less than $1,000. So assistance in keeping my costs down will be appreciated.

Ray F.

These are broken unusable, live in Collierville, TN so shipping should be minimal (even though PP is rather heavy)

66ROP36 thanks for your offer. PM sent

Interesting: what vehicle did this 'box come from?

AX-15 transmissions are found in 1990s Jeeps and Dodge Dakota trucks. 2WD versions are usually the truck version. Internals identical to 4wd versions.

Said to be essentially the same as the transmission found in same era Toyota Supras, but I cannot confirm.

I have a brand new 10" B&B clutch disc if this will help—$50 plus shipping

Thanks for the offer. Member 66ROP36 provided me with what I needed soon after I posted.

The outcome is that there is space for the Jaguar clutch set up within the bellhousing. So my project moves forward.

thanks -----good luck