91 VDP Stalling Problem, no stalling content

Hello Roger, Jaguar Lovers,

I found Bosch wiper set No. 43321 (21" / 535 mm) to work well on my car.
You get two per box. I bought them at Grand Auto.

The Jaguar oil filter EBC9658 is 4.75" tall. Always check the thread
for slivers!


94 XJ6==============================================================
I’ve tried the Fram oil filter. It fits, but it’s taller than the Jaguar
it’s a pain to install it. Maybe there’s some trick I’m not aware of.
Also, a mechanic once told me it’s not as good as the factory one, and
worth the savings.

As for the wiper blades, it’s always been a frustrating experience
the right blade, and some aftermarket ones just don’t look right. Since
only had to change them once so far, it’s not much of an issue. Perhaps
someone can post to the list which brand they use and from which auto
It can save the rest of us some time.

-Roger Peng

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