91 XJS Air Conditioner

Been surfing the internet for a Saden compressor update kit for the V12. Only one I found was a UK version, a Fen. Any suggestions?

Hi- Just curious why you want to convert to a Sanden? If it’s for weight, check out the Four Seasons A6 on rockauto.com. This version of the A6 has an aluminum case and has to be a third the weight of the original steel A6 these cars had originally. Honestly I can’t tell you about reliability because it hasn’t gotten any use since install in October, but it was a perfect fit. -John


Thanks for the reply. With the big V12 in there I am not worried about weight.
The GM A6 compressor has leaked on every XJS I own and my 71 E-Type S3 also. The Saden is not supposed to leak.