92 XJS exhaust smoke

I recently returned from a 2 week vacation and started
My92 v12 xjs. The garage was immediately full of blue smoke. I checked the exhaust and the smoke is from the left bank only. Took the car for a ride and the smoke continued. The car has 123000 miles on it and runs perfectly. Could non use for three weeks caused a problem like this?

mine sits for months sometimes. …anyway. .how about Pcv problem …might have clogged up sitting…did anyone else have access to your car … was it inside or out…

Make sure you know if it’s oil or coolant, or just water?

Car sitting for a long time, youll usually get a lot of condensation, although it would be both sides.
Oil would be blue and stink. Coolant would be blueish white, and smell like coolant. Water would be white and not smell.

Hopefully not a head gasket

In the classic sense, blue smoke from a tail pipe is oil being drawn into the combustion chamber. Intake valve seals suspect…

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Left bank gets lots of oil buildup in the air filter housing and could injest some of it. Worth opening and checking.

FWIW, i was getting a LOT of oil in left air filter housing with original PCV valve. It was stuck.

So I replaced with a Fraps PCV valve. Messed up my idle a tiny bit, and I still got a bit of oil, but very minor.

Gave the original PCV valve a very good soaking and put it back in, now after 2 weeks, I am getting no oil in air cleaner (touch wood)

Thanks guys for all the good info. The left air cleaner had a lot of oil in the bottom. Cleaned it along with the pvc system. Problem solved, no oil smoke whatsoever.

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I had that too…Glad it wasn’t a head gasket!!! :sweat_smile:

Still believe that your. oil is too light…if you are in warm climates a heavier viscosity oil as recommended in your manual may be in order…I always heard cooling of Jag motors was partially dependent on oil… What say anyone.?