93-94 actual alignment readings

I’m reading through my 5 binder 93 factory service manuals to discover alignment specs for a fresh front end rebuild. The overhaul section says reuse the factory caster shims as is and don’t ask any questions like “what does the factory set the caster to?” The specs section says caster range is 2 - 7 degrees. Well, ain’t that a huge range with markedly different handling characteristics at either end. So to any and all of you 93-94 guys, what actual readings have you gotten from your tire shop so we can average them out and see what “factory caster” actually is? And has anybody mic’ed out the shim stack thickness for a known caster reading? Even “3 thicks and 1 thin” will be helpful.

So why not just use the original shims? They are shimmed at the factory to allow for any variance from spec. Every car will vary from another even L to R.