93-94 Jaguar xj12 no start diagnosis

Hey all, I have a 94 jaguar xj12 in U.S. and need help, I have no power to fuel pumps and intermittent spark, I think i have a number of wiring issues i need help diagnosing

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Hi did you try the GM module

AB14 unit. … I’ve a forum up about it …

Yup…, I have 2 new Ignition Amplifier modules., 2 new coils, 12 new spark plugs all new wires all working relays, 2 36cu ecu for testing., Tested power resistor

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When efi lume is plugged into icu., Injectors are at 1.5 v but i unplug the icu and they jump back up to 12v

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Also yes, A new front and back cps

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Ok…, Its the 6.0 v12 and not the inline 6

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Hi again there’s. Switch at the door check that. It’s an accident switch that connects turns cut fuel off…

It’s a black module box …


It’s a worth a try my friend at location passenger side door front

Hi did you get sorted in the end on the X12🤝

Turned that inercia switch off and on as well, No differences…, (as to the starting matter) unfortunately not yet, It cranks over and has spark, However the fuel pumps arent priming at all., They’re both working when directly powered but not when installed?


Both of these little purge valves make a sparking noise everytime i plug in the main relay and i feel the main relay click as i plug it in as well

(Location front left of engine bay, Between air filter and ac condenser

The old owner said he snipped the fuel return line., and its a
1 fuel tanked., 2 fuel pumped v12 xj40 made in 93 its weird as all else