93 Headlamp Fail Module Part Numbers

Ok guys, as I’ve mentioned before I’m having issues with my headlamp modules. I replaced the right one with one I got for free but it ended up doing more harm then good. It was from a 94, a totally different part # (LMD2240DA) and didn’t have a diode in the brown/green wire. It replaced the correct # (DBC12033) which did have a diode. So I repaired my original right hand one’s wiring and ordered another DBC12033 for the left hand but it doesn’t have a diode either? As its the same part number will it be safe to use or will I just have a case of deja vu? I’ve attached pictures showing what I’m referring to.

Did you get this sorted out? I have some headlight modules from a 93 parts car, along with some other parts.

Hey, yes I did. I removed the diode from my original RH module, and it and the new left hand module which is the same part number are both working perfectly. :slight_smile: Although, it did give me a minor heart attack. Put the module in, and all seemed well. Then the dreaded “bulb out” indicator illuminated giving me a sick feeling. Turned out to be nothing. The left taillamp bulb had died. The fact it said “Motorcraft Made in France” on it, kinda makes me believe its the original bulb. But yes, all the lamps are working as they should, just need to sort the wiper and brakes.

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