'93 WIper Issue

Hey everyone, I’m having an issue with the wiper on my new to me 1993 XJ6. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to figure it out. The wiper does not work… PERIOD. And it never has in my 2 months of ownership (haven’t gotten to drive it yet :frowning: ). I found a thread on here where someone was having the same issue, but never posted if he got the matter resolved, plus one of his tests had different results than mine… So here is what I do know.

I’m assuming the wiper switch does work as the washer sprayer works.
I have a constant 12v on the Light Green/Purple wire with the ignition on.
If I jump across the brown wire and either the red or blue the wiper works.
I’ve tried two different wiper relays with the same result.

Am I testing the system right? Can someone please give me guidance? I know that because it’s a 93 the wiper motor is different from prior years and that it doesn’t have the inline fuse under the right hand dash. I’m also going to have to get creative for repairing the harness, as when I unplugged the wiper relay, the brown wire pulled out of its terminal.

Any help is massively appreciated as this is the only thing keeping me from getting the car on the road. Cheers, Michael.

Michael, do you have publication “S6593_Electrical Guide XJ6 Sedan Range 1993”? It might be helpful in that it contains wiring diagrams and information about the relays and relay modules. When you say you tried different wiper relays do you mean relay module E near the left headlight?

Yes Mike, I do have that Guide, it came in great use for getting my horn to stop working (it was stuck on). I’m not sure I’m understanding how the circuit is supposed to work (i.e. what should have power and when).

Hello Michael - there is a free wiring schematic on www.jagrepair.com for the 1993 XJ6 - scroll through to figure 24 for the wiper circuit that involves the stalk switch, the logic circuit, the relay and the motor - I had a problem of no wiper action on my 1991 XJS V12 so, as I had learned years ago, I went to the approximate middle of the circuit to see if I had any open circuits - I found that the harness, passing through the bulkhead, was corroded - I cleaned all the plug and socket terminals and my wipers are still working (I posted this info, and some pics, on the XJS section) - this may not be your problem, but it may be a place to start - Tex Terry, II - 1991, XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe - sent 1/24/2021 2324hrs. EST USA.

Hello Terry, as I said in my response to Mike, I do have that diagram. I know it’s never safe to assume, but I am going to go out on a limb and say the connectors should be alright, as I have power from the logic module to the relay (the one behind the left hand headlamp), on the Light Green w/ Purple tracer wire when the ignition key is turned on. Also the light timer in the relay is functioning as it should.

Hello Michael - fair enough - I did not see that response (guess it came in as I was typing to you) - when you mentioned that “jump across the brown wire and either the red or blue” do you mean that you are using a wire to connect the brown wire to the red or blue - I did see where you also said that the brown wire terminal needs repaired - when you say “brown”, is there another color on the wire also - I did not see any “just brown” wire on the schematic - the red is a normally open contact from the relay to the motor and the blue is a normally closed contact for the motor, so if you are applying a battery source to either of these wires then the motor would operate as the motor has a ground on the other side of it - Tex Terry, II - 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe, sent 1/25/2021 0025hrs. EST USA.

Yes Terry, it was Brown with slate (grey) tracer. And when I “jump”, I used a test lead that I connected to the black wire, then I connected it first to the blue wire terminal then to the red wire terminal.