94 Climate control help

So I have been driving my Jag daily for a few weeks and really enjoy it. Its a head turner, people are always commenting about it. I am sorting out problems as I go, the current hurdle I need to figure out is the climate controls. When I turn the fan on I can hear the blower running, but I do not feel any air from the vents. I feel air movement but not from where it should be from. Changing the controls makes no difference.

Also the car did not have an A/C belt on it when I got it, before I install a belt is there anything I need to look out for other than the obvious things like a stuck compressor or damaged hose?

I have searched on here but really have not came across my problem. Does anyone have any tips on where to begin the troubleshooting?

Are you aware that the controls take a short while to react to any demands? With the engine off you should be able to hear the little servo motors moving the drums in the heater matrix which direct the airflow to the requested area(s)
If the car hasn’t been driven for a while it might be just a case of the drums needing a bit of persuasion, this is what the heater box looks like;

Hi Tony …

First thing you want to determine if both fan assemblies are working. Because of the system design one fan can be blowing away and if the other one isn’t working you get almost no air flow out of the vents.

The fan fuses are located in the fuse panels in front of the two front doors. If you pull them one at a time you can check if both the left and right fans are working…

Try this and let us know.