94 Flamenco 6.0 Coupe - BaT

Not my car, not my auction, no relation… But this is it. This is the car. If I could have any XJS, a facelift Flamenco 6.0 Coupe would be it. What a stunner.


I should sell well : : 6.0 red coupe are the best (but I’m biased)
lots of work done, but still a few niggles to finish it : reminds me a very similar one in Regency red… :innocent:

7 previous owners?! gulp. She’s been around.

Where have I heard that one before LOL.
I’m with you a lot of owners for (shown mileage) and repairs. Still a good looking car.
I like the way they piped the air cleaner trumpets to the front on the newer cars.

It is a beautiful car. I’m just always weary why a car has changed hands so many times. Especially such a nice car.

Not nuts about the wheels, it should have Diamond Turned Five Spokes.

For a 94, the early ones had 5 spokes. The later 94.75 had 20 spokes. I also much prefer the 5 spokes which is what I put on my 95.


And never chromed, please.

OK , here’s where I stick my foot in my mouth.
You of course know Ford took over and Jaguar started to serve the US market. There was no real interest or economy for big chromed
up V-12’s in Britain.

My 95 coupe, after a bare metal repaint. New front seat covers, door panels, carpets by Paul’s Jaguar. Spoiler delete, 5 spokes subbing for 20 spokes, and quad headlights. Previous owner put on chrome mirrors.


The spoiler delete, absence of door rub strips, and chrome mirrors are to my taste for sure!