94 Jaguar XJ12 6L v12 100k miles

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94 Jaguar XJ12 6L v12 100k miles.
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5500 obo
Dallas Texas
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Did you just buy this car not too long ago? Why are you selling it? I don’t know if you remember but we conversed before over on XJ Jesse’s YouTube channel when you first bought it.

Yeah I did. But I’m testing waters. I put up both my jaguars. S3 xj6 and my xj81 daily driver

Testing the waters? What does that mean? When someone recently buys a car and then turns around fairly soon to sell it, you’re giving the impression that there are problems/issues with the car. I’ve never seen someone buy a XJ81 just to turn around and sell it unless they are just flipping cars or they discovered some major issues with the car that they didn’t know about when they bought it. Full disclosure is always a good practice.

No. I have to sell one of my 2 jaguars. So I put them both up. The xj6 needs some work but this car works great. The plan is to sel the s3 and clean this one up. But if the xj81 sells I’ll fix the s3

Did you sell this car?

Yes I did. Now maybe ill be looking out for an xjr