94 jaguar xj6 intermittent misfire

My 94 xj6 developed a problem where it has a misfire on cylinder#1, I have switched injectors,same problem, have checked spark, it has spark, has 180 psi of compression. When ever it misfires there is a ticking sound from that cylinder. I am thinking something to do with valves but am not sure.

Age of plugs and leads? Check distributor cap for cross ark, start car in the dark, check leads not arking/shorting to earth.

Plugs, wires, cap and rotor are a couple months old.I just checked and could not find any issues. I even used another plug wire I had and no change.

I use my borescope camera to look at intake valves and found the one on the right completely bent or something.

Is this the same car about which you posted " 94 xj6 misfire and valve noise" two days ago when you reported a similar problem with “the last” cylinder (presumably #6) which now has that problem with #1 cylinder?
If you do have a bent inlet valve on any cylinder which presumably will prevent it from seating, there is no way that the cylinder will register 180 psi on a compression test.

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