94 xj6 a/c condenser fittings

I have a 94 xj6 and my a/c condenser developed a hole in it but after looking for a new one they all have a different fitting on them then my jaguar. Mine has this big fitting with port on it and the other ones have just a threaded line.

Yep, 94’s R134A condensers are like that. Rare beasts too. If the hole is easy to see and clean and in an accessible spot, you can repair the condenser using LA-CO heatstik. After you plug the hole with the heatstik, scuff up the repaired area and reinforce it with a thick coat of JB weld. Get a new receiver dryer, vacuum down the system, fill er up with a new charge and you’ll have A/C again.

I did mine like this many years ago and even now had 6 degrees C at the vents this week.
Now if only my flaps would work I could get heat again!! :roll_eyes:

Removed it and found that it had been rubbing on something, it is a small pinhole.

If that’s the only leak, go ahead and fix it with my method