94 xj6 cylinder head damage

In the process of replacing the head gasket I found these gouges on the cylinder head but don’t know if I can just put a new head gasket on without resurfacing it.16093842545077559924501948608440|375x500

That looks like erosion, I would be inclined to have the head skimmed before putting back on the block.

You could try filling it with hi heat jbweld and then skimming if you can’t level the jb, otherwise if the head is flat just use the jb, level the epoxy and bolt her back up. Just an idea I’ve heard of that I believe worked.

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Thank You so much that is a great idea.

Nicola …

I would think that the correct way to repair those gouges would be to slightly grind out the area and then have it TIG welded with aluminum to fill the area. Finally have the head skimmed.

But since the damage doesn’t involve any edges or anything structural I would just clean out the gouges with a dremel and use an aluminum based filler. I still think having the head decked (skimmed) would be a good idea.

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From my decades in Jaguar warranty administration this was a known problem with some AJ6 and AJ16 engines. Factory approved repair was to clean the affected area well, fill with J B Weld and sand smooth. IIRC we had a bulletin covering this repair method

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