94 xj6 headlight switch

Anyone know where I can get one new or the parts to repair the original I would hate to commit sacrilege on put them on a toggle but I need them to work any ideas I’ve checked and replaced all relays I know it’s the switch as I’ve replaced almost every computer and relay in the car plus if u play with the switch on off on off on etc… they eventually work

Have you tried spraying some contact cleaner in there? Might work, amazing what it can do sometimes.

Michael, have you taken a closer look at the switch to see if it’s repairable? If it’s not then you can try junkyards or I always check ebay.

I’ve bought 3 from Ebay 2 of which didn’t work properly and one was damaged during shipping however I’m on the east coast of USA in South Carolina the government a while back initiated a cash for clunkers program which destroyed almost any hope I had of finding older discontinued European car parts which in turn killed the majority of our junkyards unfortunately so far I’ve spent 850$ usd trying to fix this is Ebay my only option or do any of the jag lovers have any honey holes for parts( dbc 10009 (side marker lamp relay can be found new or reman on Amazon as well as most of the relays and modules my problem is I got a 1994 xj6 there seems to be a lot of 1 year only parts and this headlight switch unfortunately is one of them to the best of my knowledge probably be better to buy a parts car (preferably wrecked)

Those relay modules can be repaired by reflowing the cracked solder joints on the bottom of the pcb. If that’s the source of the problem, I’d do it before buying another used or a new one. I did all in my car and everything works.

Do u have any pics before and after I would love to see a working one if that’s all it is then the repair should be quite simple however did u remelt the pre existing solder on the connections to correct the short or did u have to add more which flux did u use I’ve done soldering on 120v wiring and breaker boxes but nothing this small before I’m sure I can do it just want to be care not to further damage the circuit boards

Michael, here are some pictures:

If you look closer at your modules, you’ll see the cracked joints if there’s any.