94 xj6 how do you do timing

I have been looking for the procedure on setting the timing chain but can’t find much info. I know the crank has a mark that has to be lined up but what about camshafts?

There’s a tool you use, do a search for it in the archive using something like “cam alignment tool”

Nicola …

First set the engine with the #1 cylinder at top dead center (TDC). Do this by removing the spark plug closest to the front of the car and placing a wooden rod in the spark plug hole. Rotate the engine until the rod reaches it’s highest point. To be really precise I used a dial gauge.

The two cam sprockets have a notch in them and when everything is set up properly the cam alignment tool should fit into the notch on each cam sprocket.

REMEMBER before you start rotating the two cams around that the valves are interference types. In other words they occupy the same space at different times.

Here is the tool that I made …

Here’s the tool inserted into the notches on the cam sprockets …

IMG_0943 copy

If the crankshaft is set so the #1 piston (closest to the front of the car) is at TDC and the cam tool fits into both sprockets everything is aligned properly and you can install the chain.

The timing of the engine is now adjusted automatically by the engine computer (ECU).

Here’s a picture of the alignment tool that you can purchase. I like mine a lot more :grinning:

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