94 XJS shifting hard an in and out of Limp mode


I recently bought my wife’s dream car, a 94 XJS.
Lately it slips into LIMP MODE and starts to shift hard.
60% of the time a turn off/on will clear the issue, only to be repeated in the next 15 minutes.

Any help?

Welcome Jared!
You hate your wife. Just admit it…
Gaerbox in limp mode won’t shift as far as I am aware of… More details highly appreciated. F.eg. have you checked auto fluid level etc…

Thanks for the reply.

The limp mode light comes on randomly. (tranny with X through it) then shifts hard in and out of second and moderately hard with the other gears.

Turning the car off, then on clears the light and causes it to shift more smoothly, however not the smoothest…

I’m going to fully charge my battery (car has a grounding issue somewhere) and drive it tomorrow, somewhere on this forum someone said low voltage can cause these issues.

Hi Jared, first off welcome to the forum, we will need a little more information such as what year is your XJS? Which engine V12, I6

Also your location, not as important but helpful as this is a world wide forum.