95-97 X300 Engine Life Expectancy & Pre-emptive maintenance

My wife’s X300 has 230k miles on it. We bought it at 80k miles and since then it is all highway miles. Prior maintenance is unknown. I have maintained the car with regular maintenance (oil/filters/etc). I do all the maintenance on my X300, XJ40 and XJS and have a 4ft lift.

I’ve just replaced the diff, center bearing, prop UJs (re-balanced the prop), transmission mount, starter motor, alternator, belts. Hubs/rotors/brakes/shocks etc. are all maintained regularly. I’ve done all the rubber, ball joints, vee mounts etc previously. I’ve also done the power steering rack & power steering pump previously.

Yesterday I sent my crankshaft damper off to Dale for re-manufacturing and will be changing the seal, the spacer if grooved or damaged, & the woodruff key. There is a slight leak at the seal.

This raises the question about timing chain guides / tensioners etc. as I have a week before getting the damper back.

While I’m not looking for additional work I’m asking experienced heads to tell me where the likely trouble spots are going to be, specifically engine related that can really hurt.

What should I do preemptively?


PS I’d like to get this car to 400k miles if possible :grin:

Amazing how spoiled we get after the 1995 xj6 model appeared.
Just 10 years before a jag would BLOW UP with 80,000 on a good day.
The x300 SAVED Jaguar and the motor is just as great.
10/40 in the winter
20/50 in the summer.
Always change the filters and clean the throttle body. Your good till at least 300,000
Good luck

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Damper is installed and car is driving very nicely. No more leak. Going to replace lower shock bushing with Polybush - I did the sway bar a month ago and it was a huge improvement.

SWMBO is happy again.