95 Celebration throttle sticking half open doesn't anymore!I

It seems that the problem was worn throttle spindle bushes. This made the spindle that the butterfly is attached to have a slightly eliptical orbit so at half throttle it jiggled over a bit and stuck. New identical bushes, bought and fitted through a local engineering company and not a Jaguar part, seems to have done the trick. I will run it in the garage for a while longer to make sure but the feel of the spindle rotating is much smoother and it doesnt move about from side to side anymore. Thanks all who were able to make suggestions. Cheers. Richard

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Thank you for sharing. Would happen to have any pictures to share?

Hi Veekay.

Yes I have some pictures. The bushes are contained in the top part of the throttle body which is held on by 3 bolts. I have taken a couple of pictures of the bit that was left on the car and the part that came off. The mechanics dismantled the top part at the garage and sent some pictures. I think you will see what goes where. I have attached some photo’s but the ones the mechanics took of the item in pieces are on Whatsap. If you are on Whatsap I can forward them to you. They show the actual bushes in question.
Let me know if you are on Whatsap.
More to follow.

Do we conclude that the old bushes were bad, or is it possible they were just dirty?

I don’t think dirt would make the spindle move about would it? More likely to stop it doing so perhaps. One of the pictures shows a replaced bush along with a new bush. The new one is the one above
In comparison the old one does look worn. Cheers. Richard.