'95 parts needed- power steering

(John Collins) #1

I am planning on replacing the pwr steering pump, but cannot find anyone who sells the drive coupling and spider. Does anyone know a vendor who may have one? Thanks JC

(motorcarman) #2

You need to disassemble the aluminum drive housing and coupler from the old one and install on the replacement.

The correct tools are nice to have but sometimes people get ‘creative’ and find alternate ways to remove/replace the coupler.

10-04 PAS Pump tool.pdf (133.3 KB)

10-14 Power Assisted Steering Pumps.pdf (33.3 KB)


(John Collins) #3

So there’s no separate spider that wears out? Just a Male/female coupling? Thanks for your response jc

(motorcarman) #4

I don’t know anything about an arachnid in the drive coupler, just 2 sets of ‘forks’ and a fiber coupler piece.


(John Collins) #5

Yes, the fiber piece is called a spider in industrial use. Typically it wears out and is replaced. That is my? As to where to get one. Jc

(motorcarman) #6

The part in JEPC is a Steering pump coupling. Part number EAC7107.


(John Collins) #7

Thank you so much!!! Jc