'95 Washer Jet Cover Mystery Part #

Like many other facelift owners I am missing my RH side washer jet cover. I decided to remove the remaining gasket and jet until I could find a replacement cover, and then also removed the LH side so I could see how it all fit together.
The LH side cover still had a part number label attached that read “Jaguar Code LHD 7051AA” and “Valeo Code 19C80”; I would have expected to see “LHC 7055AA”.
I have searched on-line for LHD 7051AA and not gotten any hits. It is close to LHD 7053AA which is for the LH washer jet itself.
Just curious if anyone else had come across this before. Could the 7051 number be a factory only combined assembly part number? The LH cover and the jet from my car were held together by a welded plastic post that extruded from the jet Thanks.

is it like this? fitted to my 84 xjs, i purcased one of the covers from black country jaguas via ebay

sorry about reflection


These are the pix of the left hand side washer cover on my 1995 (they are tough to photograph!).
Currently searching for a RH side cover. I’m not sure how it got detached from the jet as it seems that it can only come off one-way - by breaking the weld and pulling straight forward.

There’s a plastic pin under the front. Press it up and pull it away