'95 XJ-S Passengers Seat & Fuse Locations

Hi Guys & Gals,

Back again with another Jaguar project. I have a '95 XJ-S that is close to being on the road but…

The passenger seat is not working. It is reclined and impossible to sit in for any period of time and the controls don;t work. According to the manual, there should be a fuse box by the passenger’s seat but all I see is what appears to be a computer but no fuses.

It appears that the butt cushion & back cushion don’t come off of the seat frame and I can’t get under the seat to try to unbolt it from the car. So, what’s next? Where is the missing fuse box? How do I get the seat out? And oh yes, on the subject of seats, the driver’s side seat control buttons appear to be installed upside down in the door but they do work.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Bill Beausoleil

Do your mirrors work?

The electric diagrams:

and the locations of the different fuses boxes and relays panels:

If your mirrors do not work, together with the seats, the left component panel will have a 7.5A fuse (from memory) that will be the first thing to check

Seat control module is under the floormat of the associated seat.

I’ve removed all of the passenger side carpets. mats, etc to sheet metal in front of the seat. There is a box on the right hand side of the foot well with a big black and a big red harness coming to it but it’s clearly not the seat controller. I assume that the controller etc must be under the seat. Bummer since the seat won’t move to get at the bolts to remove it. According to the diagram on page 9 of the XJS 1996 Electrical Update the Cruise Control Module, Passenger Seat Control Module, and Passenger Seat Heater Control Module are all together and looks like they’re under the seat. They definitely are not in the wheel well in front of the seat. ANy thoughts?

There is a carpet covered filler piece between front of seat and where the rear of the floormat meet. Two screws to remove then you will see both modules.

The fuse box for that side is behind the knee bolster beneath the dash board. Pull downward on the bolster and it will unsnap and swing/pivot downward. Once you look around in there, you will see the fuse box covered by a pop-off cover (black plastic with leaper embossed on it, IIRC). Pull it off at one end and there are the two banks of fuses, one above the other, exposed. On the inside of the bolster should also be a chart showing which fuses go w. which circuits (unless it came loose and got blown away :confounded: ). Be careful on the fuse #ing, as Jag is pretty tricky as far as left-right and going down to the next bank at the end of the upper bank. The driver’s side fuse panel is pretty much the same location on that side of the car. However, before you can swing the bolster downward on that side there is a hidden plastic “screw” along the left edge that needs to be rotated 90 degrees with the edge of a coin or some such.

Always worth buying an owners’ manual set when buying a Jag, btw, if it doesn’t come with one from the PO. It contains all this info., as well as the location of the other fuse boxes, relay banks, and “components”, in the Vehicle Care booklet. :wink:

btw, there should also be an orange fuse puller tool attached to the pop-off cover. Again, unless the PO removed it and didn’t put it back. :confounded:

Okay, now I know where they are. I wasn’t sure if the black metal piece was part of the floor or not. Dirty enough so that I didn’t see the screws. My 10 year old grandson Jack is helping me with this project so I’ll wait until he’s here to take it off. He’ll handle the VOM to check the voltages when I click the switches etc.

I am going to check the voltage from the door switches on the input side and if they work then I’ll check the output of the control unit.