'95 XJ-S Passengers Seat & Fuse Locations

Hi Guys & Gals,

Back again with another Jaguar project. I have a '95 XJ-S that is close to being on the road but…

The passenger seat is not working. It is reclined and impossible to sit in for any period of time and the controls don;t work. According to the manual, there should be a fuse box by the passenger’s seat but all I see is what appears to be a computer but no fuses.

It appears that the butt cushion & back cushion don’t come off of the seat frame and I can’t get under the seat to try to unbolt it from the car. So, what’s next? Where is the missing fuse box? How do I get the seat out? And oh yes, on the subject of seats, the driver’s side seat control buttons appear to be installed upside down in the door but they do work.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Bill Beausoleil

Do your mirrors work?

The electric diagrams:

and the locations of the different fuses boxes and relays panels:

If your mirrors do not work, together with the seats, the left component panel will have a 7.5A fuse (from memory) that will be the first thing to check

Seat control module is under the floormat of the associated seat.