95 XJ12 fuel tank swap

Has anyone tried a swap of a XJ6 fuel tank into a XJ12 and using a single high pressure/flow pump?

Why? Would you.

I am trying to bring back to life a 95 XJ12 that has been sitting for over 20 years in a field. The car has only a sentimental value to me but after rebuilding the engine, replacing panels, and redoing a moldy interior I am throwing good money after bad. Having $800+ quotes for a tank without pumps or sender (mine are as rusty as the rest of the tank) I am seriously considering giving up and selling the engine and other good parts and crushing the rest. I could buy a nice car for what I have in this hulk, but you can’t buy memories… they are made.
I have a nice XJ6 tank with pump & sender, if push comes to shove I intend to cut out the bottom of the tank. Weld in another bracket in the well, then weld the bottom back in the tank. I could save myself much work by someones experience. Hope this answers your question.
PS the transmission is still an unknown, the brakes are a rusted seized mess, and all bushings are dry rotted

Maybe consider an xjr6 tank ? These had twin pumps. I guess as rare?

Xjr8 too different I expect

The supercharged also used the twin pump tank. Supposedly That is the only other tank that will work in that application. I may have a line on a XJ12 tank. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It took me almost 3 years to find a condenser for that car.
Thank you for your response,