95 XJ6 AC Frustration

After storage for 3 months, I drove my 95 XJ6VP tonight. Everything awesome UNTIL I turned on the AC and no air conditioning. It was ice cold the last time I drove it. I checked the pressure on the low side which was “0” even though the compressor was on. I added 1 pound of freon, but it leaked out as fast as it entered the system. I then put another pound in with the UV dye. Long story short, I traced every line with my black light; the compressor and the condenser and cannot find any leaks. I am hoping it is not the evaporator! I have not heard of many problems with it.

Frustrated! The identical same issue is with my Bentley Turbo R. It’s going in tomorrow.

Any help is much appreciated!


use compressed air and listen for leaks

I confirmed my '94 XJ40 had an evaporator leak by putting a leak detection probe
through the dash vents.

If you could get the system to produce cold air, even for a short time, you might see your
dye coming out the evaporator drain? But if it is literally leaking out as fast as you put it in,
you should be able to hear it leak (engine off).