95 XJR Airbag message


Since I got my ´95 XJR it always turn on the “Airbag” message in the dashboard display.
The SRS light however, acts normally. Lights up for few seconds when I turn on the ign. and then goes out. The message shows up few seconds later and stays on until I reset it by the ODO button.
Anyone here experienced this behaviour ?
All I find by searcing is including the light staying on and/or flashing.


This may help you, though for more on this Google: X300 airbag light stays on.

From the Web:

Sounds like an airbag plug is disconnected.

Before you do this for your safety disconnect the battery for 1 minute prior to troubleshooting the airbag system because it is powered for a minute without battery.

1.Check under the glovebox for a yellow wire that is connected correctly.
2. Remove the airbag from the steering wheel by turning the wheel in both directions 180 degrees and removing star screws behind the steering wheel and the airbag module should fall out and show connectivity.
3. If all connections are correctly connected then chances are the clock spring behind the steering wheel is broke from not removing correctly firsthand.
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Originally Posted by molczyk
My 1996 jaguar xj6 srs airbag warning light comes on while driving then all the dashboard warning lights will come on and all the gauges will jump for about 5 seconds then stop for about 5 minutes, then repeats the process all over again every 3 minutes.what can I do?

The airbag warning light stays ON all the time.
I am having this problem with my XJ6 question is if I ride around with it like this for a few days 1- can I do any more damage 2- is it possible for the airbag to deploy without being in an accident

I am getting an airbag warning light with the flashcode suggesting that the problem is at the clockspring/cancellation cassette. For some time (since I bought the car) when turning right the indicator doesn’t self cancel. If I have to change the cancelation cassette is this likely to also fix the indicator cancelation issue or do I need to replace the indicator switch as well (seeing as I will be in there anyway).

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Many people have had this very problem and changing the clock spring will usually fix it.
That is what I would do first. Because of the airbag, make sure you disconnect the battery first but also make sure you have the radio code before doing so.


I had the exact same problem with my 95 XJ6VP. The light would come on about 5 seconds after starting the car. I am attaching the “Airbag Diagnosis for Dummies” which is excellent in finding the problem. For me, it was the blue airbag control module box which is behind the glove box and airbag on the passenger side (LHD). It is a Ford part which unplugs even though a little difficult to get to. After replacing it, no more problems. I would try it first before messing with the “clockspring” which can be tricky. Hope this helps!


X300 Air Bag Diagnostics for Dummies-1.pdf (820.2 KB)

Thanks for the reply´s.

Checked all connectors and clocspring with no luck.
But when I removed the dashboard to change some blown dasboard light bulbs I found the reason for the odd behaivior of the SRS light. Someone has isolated the bulb and connected it to the check engine light so it turned on for few seconds and then off along with the check engine light.
So…Next mission is to go through the diagnostics described in the PDF file you posted Richard, when I find the resistor needed…And reconnect the SRS light correctly.