'95 XJR no-start

I just finalized a deal to pick up a '95 Jaguar a couple states away in Lincoln, NE. I initially planned to use it as a parts car for an XJS engine swap, but it appears to be in very good shape. So if I can get it running and there are no major issues, I may put it back on the road.

I’ll know more next week when I pick it up, but I’d like to get a head start on diagnosing the problem(s).

What I know about the car:

  • it’s an abandoned car that was towed from a parking lot

  • it’s being sold by a towing company w/title

  • looks nearly immaculate

  • yard manager says the gas smells very old

  • turns over strongly, but doesn’t fire

  • tow company had a key cut

  • I do not know if they got or programmed a key fob

What should I start with in diagnosing this? My first thoughts:

  1. Key fob/immobilizer - If I just program a new fob, will that work? Are there any more necessary steps?

  2. Crank Position Sensor - verify this watching rpm while cranking

Any help will be greatly appreciated.