'95 xjs 4.0 litre map sensor

I suspect my mass air flow meter may be defective at idle speed, stumbling, stalling as if running out of gas. Fuel pump and filter replaced, replaced fuel pump relay. And of course this is only erratic, happens with motor warm .I see the xjs maf is no longer made, is the AJ16 motor intake same for models later than '96?

Might not be the MAF. If I recall properly, the MAF is something that the ECU reads, even when cold.

The oxygen sensors are ignored until the car comes up to temperature…

Thanks for the help. When I bought the car 2 years ago, I fortunately got the last 15 year maintenance history. I see from that , the plugs and ignition coils have NOT been changed since 2007! I believe I’ll try that first.

I would add oxygen sensors to that list.

just changed out, plugs and ign. coils. Result runs great. Will change downstream o 2 sensors in a couple months just for normal maintenance. Thanks Veekay