96 VDP Remote Control Help


It seems I have a problem! (SURPRISE!)
I recently purchased a “new to me” 96 VDP that is virtually new. Blessed with only 37K miles it is virtually new. The problem is it only came with one key and no remote. I happened to have a 315mhz unit I found after SEVERAL hours of searching through the “might need that” bins of Jaguar bits. Believe it or not, it’s actually functional! Just plugged in a battery after cleaning and & adjusting the contacts & both lights light up!
Only problem is I don’t know if it’s the right frequency for this car.
Any help in making the correct call on the frequency for this particular car appreciated.
If it helps the VIN is SAJKX6749YC755295. Any & all comments & information on this dilemma GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Earl Kiker

Look on the SLCM to see what frequency your car has???

Just me being logical.

The 1996 & 1997 XJ6 have the 433 frequency FOB. Only the 1995 XJ6 has the 315 frequency. I may have a spare 433 frequency remote.


Sir Richard,

Please let me know how & what we can exchange in order to get my hands on this item !
Also thanks a milion!


Pardon Sir, but I’m quite afraid some of my Jaguar knowledge has vacated the premises over the past several years. Perhaps can you tell me what the SLCM is & whee it’s located? That bit of enlightenment would be greatly appreciated!


Security and Locking Control Module = SLCM.

The frequency is printed on the module. All frequencies are COUNTRY determined and not all keyfob transmitters will work with all modules.

Here are TSBs we got here in NORTH AMERICA but they might not pertain to other countries.

15-07 Keyfob Transmitter Battery Replacement.pdf (19.1 KB)
15-18 Security System – Fault Diagnosis Guide.pdf (46.4 KB)
18-06 Manual Programming.pdf (106.2 KB)
18-09 Keyfob Transmitter Battery Replacement.pdf (20.3 KB)
18-10 Security System – Fault Diagnosis Guide.pdf (44.6 KB)
18-12 Security System – Frequency Change.pdf (91.2 KB)

Thank you Sir! I’ll see if I can lay my hands on these documents!


I uploaded all the TSBs in .pdf so they should download and print.

The SLCM is located beneath the fuse box in the boot/trunk by the battery.

Thanks Robin. I’ll check it out this afternon.

That is the location for the X308.

The SLCM is located on the top of the left fenderwell in the boot of the X300. (forward of the fuel filler)

Trust Jaguar to move things in the same body :frowning:

PM sent regarding the 1996 FOB/remote.

Dr. Green,

While aware the new to you Rolls is occupying quite a bit of your time & attention, please take a minute to give me a call regarding the Jaguar remote you have available.
I really would like a factory unit instead of having to go to some after market bodge. Our new to us VDP is just to nice to compromise.
By the way, I saw the listing on your VDP this morning. It was beautifully done. I can appreciate it as I ran the internet for several dealerships following retirement from my 30 yr. tenure with The Gillette Company. I noticed the mileage on your VDP was 37700. Coincidentally the opening mileage on ours this morning was 37,300! Just thought it unusual.

The phone # here again here is 713-826-2149. I hope to hear from you soon.


I also have acquire a 97 xj6, it came with a aftermarket remote that only unlocked the doors. It has stopped working. I’ve read that a Saab remote will work for these cars, is that true? The car is a U.S. model

The Saab FOB will definitely work with the 95 XJ6 which has the 315 frequency. It will not work with the 96 & 97 which has the 433 freq.

Can you suggest a aftermarket remote that would work for this car?

There is another way to go if you want. Just get a SLCM from a 1995 car and swap it out, configure the keyfob transmitters and… There you go!

I found several 433 remotes on eBay that come with programming instruction, would any of them work on my 97. What about my replacing my SLCM with one from a 2000/2001 Xj8 . You said I could take one from a 95 to get the 315 frequency. There are s couple xj8 in the junk yard by me. How many buttons did the original remote have? Thank for your help on this.

The X308 and the X300 SLCMs are totally different. They will NOT interchange.