96 XJS 4.0 2+2 interior lights

I am almost done with the repairs on my 96 however small things are still wrong with it. the interior lights do not come on when you open the doors. The dash switch only operates the pass courtesy light and the back seat lights no the driver’s side I installed a new bulb. To no avail. any thoughts?

Wow. Sounds different than Superblue’s interior lights, which I still wonder if something is amiss with. :thinking: IIRC, the left interior light switch only activates the back cabin lights, and the right interior light switch the map light in front of the front passenger seat. Or possibly it is the other way around, can’t remember while sitting here … I could swear that was not the way they operated when I first got Superblue, but yet I have not done anything that should have affected either the switches or the lights themselves. :confused:

Hello Mark - may be that both door switches are stuck in the “closed door” position - not near my service manual at the moment, but go to jagrepair.com and take a look at the electrical schematic for your car (it is a free site) - this way you can find the wire color for the door switch wire and check to see if you are getting a circuit through the wire (temporarily bypass the switch to test).

I cannot thank you enough for this great site you turned me onto, It saved me a lot of $$$ not having to buy this info. I have to look at my Multi-function control module and the relay. Thanks again I will let you know what I find out ,Cheers

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None of the lighting in the sun visors work either so I think the Module may be toast .

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