96VDP - Ambient sensor & left turn signal wires hashed then fixed, BUT STILL NO SIGNALS!

Heater acts wierd and no left turn signals.

Previous owner had curbed the car seriously on left front - tore the seven wires out of the left turn signal/etc. interconnect plug entirely.

Ran the heater self-test, it showed codes:
12 - ambient air temp sensor
23 - refrigerant presure switch - open or short or low gas charge
41 - left fresh/recirc high ohms or short or servo failure

The air duct to the brake on left side was hanging by the ambient sensor wires.

Pulled the air duct, did a bench test of the sensor - 1.8kohms at ambient, dropped to 1.35kohm with heat gun, so it looked good.

I simply cut the seven wires behind the socket and used crimp-on butt-splices on all the wires.

That fixed my ambient temp sensor issue.

BUT . . .

No left turn signals yet.

All bulbs that I can get to look good. I can get to ones in the front of the bumper because when the car was curbed, it broke the lens out. But, I can’t get to the mid-size and the small side-marker bulbs.


  • Does one bulb failing of any of them make for a fast-cycle on the relay and no lights at all?
  • How do I get to the side-marker bulbs?
  • How do I trouble-shoot the turn-signal system?
  • Lastly, what is the sensor that is in the passenger-side brake air duct?


Hi Charles.
One bulb will cause a fast cycle but should not cause all lights to fail.
The side marker bulb lens is just popped off from memory?
I’m not sure if the system still has the BFM (bulb fail modules) if it does can you swap them from side to side?

I think the sensor in the passenger side brake duct may be for detecting an icing situation in cold weather?
Hope this helps.