'97 TPS Plug Wiring Colors

While working under the hood on an unrelated repair, apparently I knocked 3 of the 4 wires out of the throttle position sensor plug. The black w/green wire is still connected. According to the diagram in my service manual the black/green wire is in position 3, but it is in position 1 in my plug. 
Could someone please let me know, from top to bottom of the plug, the correct order of the wires?  I have a blue/white, blue, green and the black/green.

Thank you for any info.

Hi Dave can you repost without the preformatted text? Your post is truncated, at least for iPad users.

Three of the four wires have pulled out of my throttle position sensor plug.
According to my service manual diagrams, the black/green wire is shown to be the third pin,
but in my plug the black/green wire is pin 1. Could anyone please let me know (from top to bottom since the plug is vertical) which colors go with which pin? My colors are blue/white, blue, green, and black/green.
Thank you for any info.