97 XJ6 4 liter low mileage should i buy?

One of the reasons I went back to a Series III is that it is “the most modern of all antique automobiles”. As impressive as the the X300 is it lacked that “olde world” feel that I had grown fond of in the older models.

My X300 was the supercharged version, the XJR. Black on black. It had a performance-oriented feel and plenty of oomph.

The X300 and XJ40 are closely related and have a similar feel, IMHO.


Put the XJR full mechanicals under the series 111 and interior, then you would have perfection.

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Shorter wheelbase, sport suspension, and wheel/tires go a long way making a car sporty. If the 1997 you investigated was long wheelbase and had soft sidewall American luxury-type tires, it will be barge-like.