97 XJ6 central unlocking issues

(gcoder1) #1

So a new problem has developed. When putting the car in gear all of the door locks lock.
when putting the car in park and turning off the ignition then the doors do not unlock when trying to open the door. The lock button in the center console does not unlock them either. Upon pulling up the door unlock pull there is a delay and difficult lifting before it finally unlocks and then the door can be opened.
If the outside handle is used (rolling down the window and reaching out before unlocking) then the doors unlock.
I could use some help with this one. Thanks!

(motorcarman) #2

The latch assembly probably needs some lubrication.
The best way is to remove the trim panel but sometimes a wide spray of aerosol lube can be applied through the rear of the window channel.

All my XJ8s seem to have this fault in one door or another especially during a weather change to colder temps.

The X300 and X308 use the same latches.


(gcoder1) #3

Thank you, Bob. I will give that a try.

(gcoder1) #4

So, I tried lubing in place, with the door card removed, without result.
I decided to take it out of the car and get a better look at it.
That was one of the most fiddly, testing my patience task that I have done in awhile. I managed to get it out without breaking anything.
I removed the solenoid and tested that. All was good there. That gave me better access to the inner workings of the mechanism. I used electronics cleaner to clean all of the moving parts paying careful attention to the limit switches. I then used spray white lithium grease to lube all of the moving points working the mechanism by hand to work it in. I reassembled everything and now it works as it should.
Thanks Bob!