97' XJ6 First Jag

I’m a new owner to this Dallas TX XJ6. 175k miles. Looking forward to the heartache and glory of keeping her on the road. Anyone in the DFW area recommend a reliable mechanic?20210321_191149|666x500

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No but enjoy that car!
X300 are great!
You say you have 175,000
My buddy hit 235,000
No engine out yet!
Enjoy the ride

I’ll be owning an XJ6L (X330) with 181,000 within two weeks. I plan on taking it to Tijuana, BCN Mexico in about a month. It is a 2320 mile round trip. I have a “secret weapon” for cleaning out the carbon deposits inside the fuel tank and engine. It is called Berryman’s B-60 “high mileage” fuel system and engine cleaner. I plan on giving it a double dose right out of the gate. This will assure me that the fuel tank, intake, fuel filter, and combustion chambers will become sparkling clean. They’ll be free from performance/mileage robbing carbon build-up. Believe me, their HEST (High Energy Solvent Technology) formula really works!

Drive on baby…