98 XJ8 wheels on an 96 XJ6

Hi everyone
I just picked up a 1996 XJ6 and an XJ8.
The X300, 96 I’m keeping and the XJ8 my parts car.
I have to use the wheels from the XJ8 because the guy I bought the cars off of wants the wire wheels back.
Long story short the XJ8 wheels are not fitting over the dust cover for the bearings on the XJ6. Not allowing the wheel to fit flat to the hub and the wheel centers definitely won’t work. The XJ8 is the unit bearing setup and has no dust/grease cap.
Has anyone run into this issue and are you running spacers or adapters to make it work.
If so what thickness are you running ?
Thanks for any info, Duane

I first tried 18" Pentas on a 1995 X300 but didn’t like the tramlining so went for the 17" Kiwi XJ8 pattern.

I later tried 16" Solars on a Super V8 but the rims rubbed the larger calipers on the supercharged car. The entry-level Dimple design was used on X300 and X308.

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This XJ list is for the Series I, II, and III XJ6s and XJ12s. Your 1998 XJ8 and 1996 XJ6 are two generations newer than any of the models discussed on this list and have very little in common with our earlier cars.

I recommend that you post to the Jag-Lovers X300 list where I believe your models are discussed.


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