'98 XJR OBD Readout Ignition, Crank/Cam sensor / Misfire / Ignition Circuit


A mate recently purchased a '98 XJR with only 82.000 km on the clock.
The car has a problem with the engine light lighting up and the “Restricted Performance”-message showing.
This usually happens after idling at e.g. a traffic light. The warning light and message disappears after driving a little while or switching the ignition on/off.

He just had an OBD readout done - came up with these codes:

P0300: Random/Multiple cylinder misfire detected
P1316: Injector circuit / IDM codes detected
P1336 : Crank / Cam Sensor range / performance

Any ideas what components we should start looking at first (known XJR faults etc.)?
We’re used to working on “weird” cars (old Hydraulic Citroens) but complete newbies regarding Jags.
Any suggestions for good XJ-parts suppliers based in Europe are also welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Soeren, Denmark

The only 2 times I have ever seen that DTC is when a customer swapped a 4.0 V8 AJ27 engine into AJ26 car and left the AJ27 torque converter driveplate on the engine instead of swapping the AJ26 plate to the AJ27 engine before installation.

The other was when a mechanic in the Jaguar shop with me used the crank lock ‘timing’ tool to hold the crank while he torqued the crank damper bolt and bent a timing segment for the CKPS.

The segments are spaced and bending a segment caused the ECM to lose count for crankshaft position.


Some late feedback for future reference:

A New crank sensor solved the problem.

Thank you