'99 XJ8 Available near Dallas

Restore, or for parts…sister’s car, has not been driven in a couple years…bring trailer, make offer. Car is in Grand Prairie.

Hi Randall, there is a dedicated forum for vehicles for sale where you can post pictures, problem being I think you have to have more than one post/reply to be able to list the vehicle.

99 is still Nikasil territory. Did the wngine blow? Convertible or coupe?

XJ or XK?

Just trying to get your post count up!

XJ8 sedan w/ moonroof, stopped driving due to issue with front strut, engine and interior fine, bad silver paint.

Tks, Robin. Will look further…

I thought the Nikasil thing was just a “rumor” out there, that in reality the liners caused no problemos … I had asked about that before, quite concerned with my XJ8 Harlem ('00), and been told/reassured that on here … Is that not true? :confused: Supposedly the only thing to worry about are the non-upgraded timing chain tensioners (for cars made before 9/01) (oh, and the “resin” thermostat housing(s)) … :grimacing:

Well, for that matter, I guess my Harlem ('00 XJ8) is back “home” finally after a year of two of storage and I’d probably take $1K for her (black/black). Problem is I have managed to lose her only key in the meantime (and I didn’t have the code # :exploding_head: ), so you’d have to find a way to make another one. After a few months of storage she would not start, and I have had lay experts try r/ring the starter, to no avail. Now they tell me they saw fuel underneath her before I brought her home. Maybe a leaking fuel line? :confused:

Paul the Nikasil is not a liner its a process that the bores go through, it etches the aluminium slightly leaving the silica proud. If your engine does have a Nikasil block and is still running good then you have nothing to worry about as the danger period has long since passed. Can’t pass any comment regarding the fuel or no start.

k. Thanks … :slightly_smiling_face:

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