99 XJ8 front top shock bushings

I’m looking for these MNC-2168-69-K. Welsh has discontinued them. Any other sources out there?


I’m looking for just the bushing not the complete mount

“Again what learned” as a proper German would say :rofl:
I was going to point out that you can get them most everywhere, until realising the X308 mounting is different from the x300 mounting :smiley:

Yes, I have an X300 and I was surprised to find the mounts different on the 308

The individual bushes are NSS as far as I know. I have never seen them offered separately from the steel mount.

I tried to press one apart for fun. I gave up before I destroyed it. I put a lot of pressure on the center tube and just said ‘screw-it’.

As cheap as the entire assy is, I just bought a few sets and stuck them on a shelf. (I have three X308 sedans)

The MEYLE units held up much better than the URO.

Welsh used to sell them part # MNC-2168-69-K .There web site says discontinued . I called them this am , they have no plans to produce them again. There is a YouTube video out there of a guy installing them. I took my old mount brackets apart yesterday and cleaned them up. Which looks like a waste of time.
On a positive note the originals last 20 years and I’ll probably be dead before they need to be replaced again.